Privacy Policy for Yeet

Bot Privacy Policy

Below you will find the Privacy Policy Epectations discord wants and our Privacy Policy

When adding this bot there are a list of things to know about data

- Yeet will store guild and users IDs for any command that requires the database | Bumper Bot will only store guild IDs

- We store this data because when doing a command like the cookie one, the database will then keep track of your ID and which guild you did the command in so then the bot will be able to make a new profile for you in a different guild | Bumper Bot will store do the same for any of its command but will only store the guild ID

- We do not share the data with anyone else. Only the developer can see the data | Same goes for Bumper Bot

- If you wish to contact the developer about data then you would need to join the support server | Same goes for Bumper Bot

- If a user wishes to delete the data, they can simply use a command to delete their profile | A user just need to kick Bumper Bot from the guild